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An initiative of alumni of NLUs and IIMs, The Study Anchor brought about a major impact in the society in the year 2015 when they started mentoring students looking to excel in the complex entrance exams of the country. The simple idea that lead to the creation of The Study Anchor is imbibed in the soul of the institution in every sense – Learn from someone who has faced and conquered the same challenges.

With their formidable presence now at four offline centres in the country as well as the online mode, The Study Anchor is rapidly becoming a name synonymous with specialized coaching and counseling to students.

The sole aim is to guide them in their career choices and help them to prepare for various entrance exams. The Study Anchor arranges regular sessions with alumni and students of top universities and colleges in India to  provide guidance, insight, tricks, and advice on how to crack the said entrance exams, and life at the University/ College.

The Study Anchor will not only help you get in to the University/ College of your dreams, but also equip you to excel once there. Our Student Community will ensure the smooth transition for new students who crack such entrance exams.

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